On Watching ‘The Godfather’

My wife and I checked out The Godfather from the library about a month ago. At the time she said that she wanted to watch it with me. Here we are a month later. I think the dvd case is starting to collect dust. This is something that should be cured. And so it shall! Tomorrow night, I’m going to finally watch it with her (she doesn’t know that yet). If she decides to put it off some more, well, I’ll have to make her an offer she can’t refuse – watch it with me or I’ll watch it by myself!



2 thoughts on “On Watching ‘The Godfather’

    1. Well, I’ve seen it before, but Brooke hasn’t. It’s a great movie. We ended up not watching it though. The DVD player hasn’t been acting right lately. Brooke convinced me to wait until her friend gives us a DVD player that they don’t use any more. Hopefully this week though.

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