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Keep Your Greek

I may be a little late on this and you all might already know about this, but I just discovered it for myself and thought it to be beneficial. Over at Read Better, Preach Better, Con Campbell has posted a few thoughts on how to keep your Greek. I especially like this post. It gives several practical ways to develop your vocabulary skills. I already do a few of them already, but plan on putting into practice this one:

6. Practice going from English to Greek, not just Greek to English (more advanced).

What else do any of you do to help with your vocabulary skills (as opposed to sweet nunchuck skills) in Biblical languages?



4 Responses

  1. I just read my Greek text. It works for me. 😀

    • That’s awesome, T.C.! I’m not quite to the point where I could just sit and read from the Greek. I’m working towards it, but not there yet.

  2. Have you tried listening to audio files of the GNT? I do this with other languages all the time — German and French, for example — since there are so few speakers of these languages where I live and work.

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