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Would A ‘Gay Gene’ Change Anything?

DNAThere’s always some talk going around that people who are gay (at least some of them) were born that way. They reason that since they were born gay, then there is nothing wrong with it and people, like Christians, should likewise see nothing wrong with it.

Here are my thoughts: If there is some gay gene that caused someone to be born gay, then ok. I can concede that (although thus far there has been no such gene found). However, that does not mean that it is right/not sinful to have sexual intercourse with someone of the same gender (see Lev 18:22), or even to look at another person in lust (see Mat 5:28). Why? Because God said don’t do it.

Now, does that mean that I would avoid a person who struggles with this sin? No, of course not! If they recognize that it is wrong, that God does not want them to do that, yet they still struggle with the issue, then how is it any different than a man who struggles with alcoholism? An alcoholic who has not had a drink in years still struggles with that disease every day. I believe it is the same for a gay person who is trying to overcome the disease of that sin (genetic or not).

What say you?



13 Responses

  1. I say the same as you.

  2. I would say homosexuality is as much a sin as lefthandedness. 🙂

    • God doesn’t say anything about being left-handed though.

      • Leviticus 18:22b lefthandedness is an abomination (KJV 1611) 😉

        or perhaps I should say ‘as much wrong or immoral’ because ‘sin’ is biblical and the bible was written in culture which condoned only oppositie sex relationships and is perpetuated by a Christian community who accept its authority as God inspired.

  3. Sorry, Stephanie. I looked that up and could not find it. Maybe you have the wrong reference?

    • are you serious?

      • I should just have told Joel. He understands the KJV 1611 🙂

      • Yes, I’m serious. I looked it up again in a few places just to double check. I see nothing about lefthandedness (except in Jdg 3:15 and 20:16 – there not about it being an abomination). Do you have a link that I could follow and see?

      • um. it was a joke Matt. see face. my point was expressed in what followed. I consider homosexuality to be one aspect of our vastly varying degrees of sexuality. Not all heterosexuals are exactly alike sexually, for example. And I don’t consider homosexuals to be wrong – they’re just different sexually from me.

  4. Matt, I think the reference to the KJV 1611 is an inside joke. Kiwi humor.

  5. Oh, ok. Sorry again. Guess I’m a little slow today.

    Anyway, I’ll have to disagree with you when it comes to the act of sex with someone of the same gender (or looking at someone in lust – homosexual or heterosexual). I believe that is sin (wrong or immoral work too). Thanks for your opinion though.

    However, I’m glad you commented. And please feel free to do so again. I love having varying views (even when they disagree with my own). I promise next time I won’t be so slow.

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