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Where Would You Go?

Let’s say that we all were in a position to go after a PhD. Most of us are not (or are already in a PhD program or beyond), but just for the sake of wishing, let’s say that we are. Where would you want to go the most? For me, I’d want to go to Edinburgh and go after a degree in New Testament. Maybe one day I will, but that’s a far way off. What about you?



4 Responses

  1. My uni now has a joint PhD agreement with Edinburgh 🙂
    For that reason I’d probably stay where I am while having a more than legitimate excuse to work at Edinburgh as well.

  2. I’d be quite happy to do a PhD under Larry Hurtado at Edinburgh and if that wasn’t possible then I do one under Sara Parvis at the same institution.

    • I heard from a friend that Hurtado will be retiring in the next year or two. In any case, he’ll probably be gone by the time I have a chance to go, but I think I’d be happy to study under Paul Foster there.

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