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Pastors: An Example

I’ll keep this brief so you aren’t stuck reading another discourse on what a pastor should do or not do. There’s plenty of other people blogging who are far more qualified than I to do that. Instead, I will share a story from my past of what I think a pastor should look like.

When I was twelve I had gotten a new mountain bike for Christmas. It was great! I was on that thing all the time (in Texas it’s not too cold to ride a bike in December). A Few days after Christmas I was riding my bike down through a bunch of neighborhoods and thought I’d stop at my church to get a drink of water. While I was inside getting a drink the associate pastor of evangelism, Micah, came out of his office and said hi and invited me back to talk for a little bit. I don’t remember what we talked about much, but the subject of my mountain bike came up and I was telling him how I got it for Christmas. He asked if I would show it to him. I was shocked. A pastor (not even a children’s or youth pastor) wanted to come out of the church and take a look at my bike?! I never knew any pastor who would do this before. He took time out of his day to visit with me and come out and see my bike. That was one event that changed my life.

Pastors, love the people of the church – all of them. You don’t know what impact your love will have on them.



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