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Good Idea / Bad Idea

Has anyone out there tried to go through Wallace’s Greek Grammar: Beyond the Basics or The Basics of New Testament Syntax (the abridgment of GG: BtB) without the help of a class? The reason I’m asking is because it’s going to be a while before I can take the class at DTS that they use either of those books for and I’d really prefer to get started on the next level of Greek sooner. So, good idea? Bad idea?



7 Responses

  1. I reference it all the time but I can’t say that I’ve ever tried to read through it. I’ve not had any problems with it in the way I’ve used it though. I say good idea.

  2. Matt,
    If you know the morphology well, and understand English grammar I think the book teaches itself.

    I would recommend the big one. The major difference is extra explanation and examples. Its not too much more expensive and it is an incredibly helpful resource for the rest of your life.

    • Cool. I appreciate the advice, Daniel. Do you think the workbook would be a good purchase along with the “big one”?

      • Yeah, I think so. For practice is how I got all the idea into my head and it really helped me learn how to do the grammatical side of exegesis. That’s what the workbook does.

  3. The big one is the only one I’ve seen and I’ve been able to use it with profit. Keep in mind that I’m not technically even supposed to be using it since I’ve not had a year of Greek. Also, if you don’t have a physical copy of the book and want to save a few bucks right now then you have an electronic copy in BW8 that you can start working with.

    • Yeah. I noticed that on BW8. I prefer something in my hand, but I can at least start there. Trying to plan out a couple items to grab at the next WTS payout. Wallace’s book will probably be one of them.

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