On Not Feeling Well

I’m sick of being sick. Coughing all the time is not fun at all. Don’t worry though. I’m pretty sure I don’t have swine flu. Haven’t been around many people lately as I have no car of my own or a job. I think it’s just a low-grade cold. The only good thing is that it gives me plenty of time to read. Prayer for me to recover quickly would be appreciated of course.

Update: My wife called the doctor earlier for me. The doc said that this is probably just my allergies acting up because of all the rain we’ve had around here lately. There’s a lot of pollen and cedar in the air (both of which I’m allergic to). Going to switch from taking Claritin to taking Zyrtec per doctor’s suggestion. Also, I’m taking the time to rest today in the hope that it will do me some good.



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