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Question of the Day

I was thinking earlier about the churches I’ve been to. There have been seven churches in my life that I’ve been at least a regular attender. Three of them were chosen for me when I was a little kid, before I was eleven years old. Then four since then that I chose to be a part of. On average that is one church for every three years or so (I’m 23 years old and I grew up going to church). That surprised me to think of since that’s not very long per church. How about you? How many churches have you been a part of as a regular attender or member (or pastor)?



One Response

  1. I was a member of my home church (where I got saved) for about 6 years, then joined my then-girlfriend’s (now wife) church and was there a couple of years. Moved to New Orleans for seminary and was a member of one church for about a year (did pulpit supply throughout my time in NO), then joined some friends’ church plant to do music–that was about 1.5 years. I have been pastor of this church for nearly 6 years now.

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