New Study Aids Tab

Some of you might have noticed the new ‘Study Aids‘ tab at the top of the page. There’s nothing there yet, but that will change very soon. Once it’s completed you’ll be able to find topics such as Greek, New Testament Textual Criticism, and the Historical Jesus (one of my new favorite topics) with lists of books, websites, and other helps for studying those areas. Each area will be divided into more specific topics (ie. Greek into Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Reference, etc). Whatever is listed that I personally have used will include a grade (A, B, C, etc) along with a very short description and link to my review if one exists.

I hope this will help people, but it will also be nice for me as it will be a reference point for my studies. As time goes on I’m sure more and more topics will be added, but for now I will keep it down to just a few. Let me know if there’s anything that should be added. Advice is always welcomed.



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