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BibleWorks 8: Translating

I’ve been doing translations for a few weeks now. I really enjoy it. And, for the most part, I like to do it by hand without software or computer screens. BibleWorks is not something I want to fully rely on for this. It would be too easy to cheat on my translation work (by cheat I mean looking at other translations which would impact my outcome).

However, that does not mean that BibleWorks is not a great tool for this little project of mine. Take for instance when I get stuck and don’t recognize the declension of a word like “μείζων,” then I can pull up the word on BibleWorks and see that it’s “adjective normal nominative masculine singular.” This is a huge help to figure out how words like this should be translated (and to help me recognize similar declensions in the future more readily). I try not to go further than this with BibleWorks though. That way I can force my mind to remember the vocabulary rather than being lazy about it.

I’m still learning other ways that this program will help me with translating (and, of course, with other things) so stay tuned for more.



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