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Interview Question For All

I was going through some of my interviews just a while ago. I started wondering how you all would answer some of these questions. Most of the people who frequent this blog are confident enough in their own areas. So, here is one of the questions I’ve asked different scholars (with a more general twist so everyone can answer). What areas do you think Bible scholars of any field need to focus on in the next ten years? Be as specific or general as you like. I want to hear from the missional-minded, the NT gurus, OT specialists, theologians-extraordinaire, servant pastors, and anyone else who wants to throw in their two cents.



4 Responses

  1. Christological exegesis.

  2. Is that the same as theological exegesis, Nick? ; )

  3. Wouldn’t someone actually have to know what ‘theological exegesis’ is before that question can be answered? 😉

  4. *zing!!*
    : )

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