Where Do You Buy Books?

I’m wondering who everybody orders their books from. For me, I usually go with Amazon. Sometimes DTS has better pricing, so I’ll snag one online there, but usually it’s Amazon. I know a lot of people seem to like Eisenbrauns. I’ve never ordered from them before. What’s the story on them? Do you like them better than Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc? Why or why not?



8 thoughts on “Where Do You Buy Books?

  1. Amazon! Their selection is virtually unmatched, though occasionally they’ll not have more obscure title or one that’s been out of print for a while. B&N, Books a Million, Borders, and others have tremendous selections, but their prices are never as good. I buy from LifeWay occasionally when I have a fully-stamped rewards card or I need a book right away that’s on the shelf. They give a 20% discount to minsters, so that’s good, but it’s still cheaper most of the time to order from Amazon, especially when you have to have LifeWay order something not in stock.

  2. Matt: No, I’ve never ordered anything from them. They do have a good selection, though, and from what I read on other blogs they are good to do business with.

  3. I buy books from Amazon, Eisenbrauns, Half.com, Abebooks, Alibris, CBD, Westminster Bookstore, etc. Basically I go with whoever has the best deal. I never go to bookstores because the only one around me is a Barnes & Noble and I hate Barnes & Noble! Eisenbrauns is good because they’re competitive in terms of price and it’s a Christian organization so it’s always nice to support fellow believers. Plus they’re actually interested in disseminating scholarship rather than just turning a profit. And it doesn’t hurt that James Spinti is a really nice guy or that Eisenbrauns really knows how to pack books so that they arrive undamaged.

    1. I’m not too big a fan of Barnes & Noble any more either. I used to like to go to the Borders in Tulsa to study sometimes though. Nobody was really ever there and they had study tables set up here and there. That plus the smell of coffee made it wonderful (by the way, I only like the smell of coffee, not the taste).

  4. Matt,

    Before the days of the Internet, there were only two places you could count on to get academically-oriented Christian books: Eisenbrauns and CBD. With the advent of the Internet, CBD went the popular route and Amazon started carrying some academic Christian books—sometimes at a discount, sometimes not.

    Eisenbrauns is still here : ) We have been serving the academic Christian community for over 30 years now, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We are small enough to care for you personally, but big enough to supply just about anything academic and biblical studies oriented from anywhere in the world.


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