Job Hunt: This Sucks . . . Nevermind

Not having a job/going to school/having very many friends around here is really starting to get to me. I apply to all sorts of places for work. Most places don’t even respond. Those that do are just rejection letters. I’ve only had one interview and that didn’t work out. It’s been five months since I graduated and

. . .

Phone just rang

. . .

I have an interview tomorrow at 10:45am at DTS’s bookstore! Yall be praying for me. I could really use this. God, you’ve got the most remarkable timing!



8 thoughts on “Job Hunt: This Sucks . . . Nevermind

  1. I’m praying.

    When I was job hunting, I filled/sent out well over 200 applications/resumes. I know that because I quit counting at that number.

    The right job will come. I know how terribly hard patience is when you are waiting for a job though.

  2. Matt: I know what you mean about friends. One thing I have discovered about my pastoral context–it’s often a lonely one. Yes, I have my wife and kids, but there is very little in the way of relationships outside the immediate family. Not so much for my wife because she teaches at the local public school, but it does get lonely for her on occasion. That’s one thing I have missed dearly about seminary–the close friends.

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