Self-Awareness Director Is the Latest Heretic

Here is one messed up guy claiming that “the lost teachings of Jesus” can bring self-awareness to your life. These “lost teachings” are nothing new to those of us who’ve studied early Christianity. They include the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of James, Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Mary, and seven others. You can take his eight-week telecourse if you would like to be a heretic too. Here is an example of the craziness of this guy from the article:

Steven begins with an overview of the fulfillment of Prophecy from each of the world’s great spiritual traditions and explains the dawning of the Age of Aquarius from a scientific perspective.

So, if you want to know “Christ’s way to enlightenment,” (aka. how to be a heretic) then sign up now.



2 thoughts on “Self-Awareness Director Is the Latest Heretic

  1. You mean there really weren’t 11 other gospels which were used by Aramaic speaking Jews in India in the first century?

    I think the sad thing here is that we can sit here in amazement at the silly things he is saying – but people who don’t know any better may be buying straight into it.

    Oh, there’s a video as well! Does anyone have any idea what first century “codices” he is talking about?

    1. That is the sad thing. People eat this stuff up. Then again, a lot of people will buy whatever anyone is selling.

      I have no idea what first century codices he’s talking about.

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