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Reading Methods

When I read I usually like everything to be quiet and then I settle down in a spot for a little while, but I’ve never been able to sit still for too long, so I usually go for a change of scenery every so often. I’ll move from the couch to to chair in my office to the bed. Sometimes I’ll read out by our apartment’s pool, and when I have a car I go to Starbucks or the park to read. I just can’t read in one place. Does anyone else do this? What kind of ways do you read? I have a sister-in-law who can read four lines of text at a time (and retain it). Anybody else able to do that? Any speed readers out there? Or do you prefer to take it slow?



6 Responses

  1. I find that lately it’s been harder to retain most of what I read. I think it’s because my schedule permits intermittent periods of reading instead of longer periods. That’s why my reviews have taken a while to get done. As far as scenery, I usually sit in the recliner. If I get too comfortable, though, I have to move or I will fall asleep!

  2. I read mainly in three places:

    1. My bed (but this usually ends up in my nodding off for a minute).

    2. A chair in front of my bed.

    3. The toilet.

  3. Nick: #1 – I try to avoid reading there for the reason you mention. #3 – The best place to read, except for the often brief stay! A page or two at the most.

    • I never really nod off when I’m reading in bed. The only thing that happens when I do that is that I read a section then realize that I wasn’t paying any attention and have to read it over again.

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