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Spring Registration

Some of you might have noticed a twitter update where I mentioned that I signed up for classes for the Spring semester at DTS. Whether I get to keep them kind of depends on if I get a job. In the meantime, however, I thought I’d share what I’ve signed up for.

Dallas Seminary

BE101 – Bible Study Methods and Hermeneutics – Mark Bailey – Online
An introduction to inductive Bible study involving the steps of observation, interpretation (hermeneutics), application, and correlation. Principles in these steps are applied to several biblical passages and books.

HT102 – The Church in the Modern Era: Europe and America – Michael Svigel – Mon 6:45-9:30pm
A study of Christianity in Europe and America since the rise of the Enlightenment, with emphasis on the numerous influences that have forged the current religious scene.

NT113 – New Testament Introduction – Joseph Fantin – Tues 6:45-9:45pm
A study of the historical background and canon of the New Testament, an evaluation of New Testament criticism, and an examination of special introductory problems of selected New Testament books. The student will become acquainted with first-century works and issues as well as interact with the contemporary issues that directly relate to the origins of Christianity.

RS101 – Orientation and Research Methods – Buist Fanning – Tues 6:45-9:45pm
This course is designed to guide students in the use of library materials, computerized databases, and bibliographic resources. It provides instruction in research strategies, thesis topic selection, and familiarization with form and style for papers and theses. In addition, this course provides an orientation to the educational philosophy of biblical, theological, and ministry-related studies at Dallas Seminary.

ST101 – Introduction to Theology – Doug Blount – Thur 5:15-8pm
A study of the prolegomena as the nature, method, and sources of theology; revelation, especially the inspiration authority, sufficiency, inerrancy, and canonicity of the Bible; and theological hermeneutics, including an introduction to dispensationalism.

So that’s my schedule for the Spring as it stands right now. There may be a change here or there depending on my work situation, but hopefully it will stay relatively close to this. Oh, and don’t be fooled by RS101 and NT113 being the same day and time. RS101 is a 1 credit hour class and lasts for about a month. After it’s over I start the 2 credit hour class, NT113. Pretty simple classes. I’ve covered probably most of the material before, but this should be a good introduction to graduate level work.



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