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I’ve Been Meming to Tell You

I saw that Nick had taken part in a meme via Daniel. He has left the tag open, so I figured I’d take some time to do it myself. Here it is:

Something embarrassing – This one is easy. I was in 9th or 10th grade. I was at a Bible study on Wednesday night at someone’s house. We’d been sitting around for a while talking. Then we sat some more for the intro to the study. Then it was time to break up into small groups. I got up, but then realized that my legs which I’d been sitting on were completely numb. I not-so-quickly fell back to the floor and had to suffer everyone looking at me like I was crazy.

Something unknown from my childhood – I was in half-day kindergarten when the first Gulf War was going on. I’d come home at lunch and my mom would turn on the news. It was so important to me to see what was going on because I thought the Gulf they were fighting in was the Gulf of Mexico (only half a day’s trip from me).

Something I’m proud of – It took me five years to complete my bachelor’s degree. Ok, that’s not what I’m proud of. It’s this: For two years I went to one school (Oral Roberts University), for a semester I went to another (Del Mar College), then another semester (at an extension of Howard Payne  University), then another two years at still another (Criswell College). Four schools in five years isn’t bad to get a degree. Although I’m lucky that so much transfered around so easily.

Something contradictory – I love to drive, but I don’t like the car I drive.

Well, I hope that’s good enough for all of you. Consider yourself tagged if you haven’t been already.



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