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Although I need a job first, I plan on getting another bookcase or two when I can. I really need another. I was supposed to get an old one from my parents, but they still need it so I don’t think that’ll happen (which is fine).

Anyway, I’m wondering where everyone has gotten their bookcases and how much they cost. Or do you use something else (ie. the floor)? Maybe you built one yourself. If so, how much did that run you?



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  1. I’ve never spent more than $35 on a bookcase and I’ve gotten them from Walmart and Big Lots. Mine aren’t very fancy but they get the job done.

  2. I got several pine bookcases from Home Depot one time. I had to put everyone together, but I painted them and they’ve held up nicely. In the room I affectionately call the book room, I have some walmart plastic shelves (in addition to some of the pine ones) to keep some of the books off the floor.

    I also have some pine shelves sitting on brackets that I put books on. Those are all over the house. They reek havoc on the walls, but I love the way they look.

    • I’ve thought about doing a line up the wall of just shelves with brackets attached. I just can’t convince myself that it would look right or that I’d get it level.

  3. Matt: I don’t know what they are. I guess they’re particle board. They have all held up well so far, except of course the shelves bow in the center from the weight of the books.

  4. I buy the el cheapo’s from walmart. 20-30 bucks, no more. Sometimes I luck out and get them at a garage sale.

  5. Most of my books are in my office on the shelves, which are built into the wall. We have a few bookshelves here at the house, only one of which we bought. It was from Target and a quality piece, so it was bit more (it’s in our bedroom).

    • Built-ins would be a dream and I’d love to have them whenever we finally get a house. Maybe it’s the Target here, but we’ve had some bad luck with some of their furniture holding together very well. Of course, it is hard to screw up a bookcase, so that might be an idea.

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