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The Job Hunt Continues

I haven’t heard back from Target, and I have gotten more rejection letters from various places. Where do I apply? I honestly have no idea.

Hire me

So, I’m turning the question over to you. If you were in my shoes, where would you apply for a job? Remember, my wife works full-time, 8-4, and we only have one car, so it can’t be something outlandish. It would have to be something within driving range of her work (at least until we can get another car). I know you can’t possibly know what’s close to or not close to her work. Just shoot some ideas out at me and I’ll be happy with that.



7 Responses

  1. How big is the city you are in? I would try a temp agency if you haven’t already. Go in and see them don’t just call. Often they have temp to hire positions. Also try the state, city, and county offices. They’re probably getting their new budgets and posting new openings. Taylor your resumes and apps to what they’re looking for. Often they only look for keywords so make sure your entering the key words from the postings.

    Do you have much work experience?

    That’s all I got.

    Bryan L

    • Well, there’s 6 and a half million people here, so it’s big. The real problem is the time/location constraints. It would have to be something close to my wife’s workplace and probably between the times she’s working. I haven’t tried a temp agency out of fear they might send me clear across town and have me work hours that simply cannot be done with our one car. What do you think? Problem or no?

      I don’t have much work experience. I’ve worked a few odd jobs through college, but nothing much. Plus the last two years of college I pretty much didn’t work so that I could load up on classes to get through with it. I guess that’s a mark against me. 😦

  2. My experience with temp agencies is that they each have multiple offices in various parts of the city that focus on that part. They also give you a choice of where you want to apply if they have temp to hire positions. They won’t just send you anywhere. It’s worth a shot. There’s also 3rd shifts which might work with your 1 car issue.

    • Thanks, Bryan. I’ll have to check it out. Not too keen (yes, I used that word) on the 3rd shift idea (I like to see my wife from time to time), but we’ll see. At this point I guess it’s got to be on the table.

  3. If you did a 3rd shift you could still see your wife. You would just sleep while she’s at work and wake when she gets home. If you don’t go in ’til like 10 or 11 that’s plenty of time. Plus there are sometimes security guard jobs that you can get where you basically sit around and read or do homework. Just a thought.

    Bryan L

  4. Try substitute teaching with local school systems.

  5. If there are tutoring centers for HS kids, check that out…
    In terms of quick cash without long-term commitment, I don’t think it get better than that for students.

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