Top 10 Favorite Soft Drinks

I’ve cut way back on soft drinks in the past year in an effort to be healthier and to save money, but every once in a while I get a hankering for one. Today is one of those days where I could really use one. Here are my ten favorite.

  1. Dr. Pepper
  2. Barq’s Root Beer
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Sprite
  5. Jone’s Soda (any of them)
  6. Slice
  7. Vault (it was better when it was Surge)
  8. Wild Cherry Pepsi
  9. Mr. Pibb (Dr. Pepper knock-off that’s a little sweeter)
  10. Sierra Mist

So, that’s my list in no particular order (other than Dr. Pepper belonging at the top). What about you? Agree? Disagree?



25 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Soft Drinks

  1. Personally, I have no idea how Dr Pepper could be at the top of that list. Other than that, the only other two I know are Coca Cola and Sprite. Wild Cherry Pepsi sounds like an interesting variation on regular Pepsi that I wouldn’t mind tasting.

    My personal favourite which I discovered recently is Coca-Cola with one of those artificial cherries that they put in Martinis and cocktails in it. It makes it taste a bit like Cherry Coke (which we no longer have down under) but better!

  2. Yes, Matt, Dr. Pepper is the best soda of all time! I would disagree with #2, however, because we all know that A&W is the best root beer in the world! I also don’t care for Mr. Pibb. A lot of the restaurants around here will have a fountain with all Coca-Cola products and Mr. Pibb instead of DP–it makes no sense! I’ve never tried the Jones’ sodas, but I have long wanted to try their black cherry soda!

    Nick: Pepsi? PEPSI?!?!?! Seriously? 😉

  3. Matt: I’m afraid that you’re an apostate and I can no longer carry on conversations with you. The feeble attempt at appearing somewhat orthodox by throwing in a nod to Wild Cherry Pepsi is like saying that you believe in the Jesus of the Qur’an. It just won’t do… 😉

    Jason: Dr. Pepper struggles to make the top 5 best sodas of all time, and everyone knows that Stewart’s root beer is the best root beer in the world. As far as Pepsi is concerned, YES, Pepsi, PEPSI, Seriously! I defy you to find a better soft drink on God’s green earth! 😮

  4. Nick: Dude, Dr. Pepper reigns upon the soda throne! I will disagree about Stewart’s being the best, but they make fine beverages (I think I’ve had every flavor they make). Pepsi can be paralleled by RC or New Coke! 🙂

    1. Ever had any? EVERY HAD ANY?!?! Of course I’ve had Dublin Dr. Pepper. But I try to limit myself to that on special occasions only. It can be kind of expensive compared to other soft drinks.

  5. Matt: My apologies–I didn’t that particular kind was so widely distributed! I may have to get my buddy in central TX to bring me some when he comes this way!

  6. Mike S: Dude, Vanilla Coke rocks! The only one that was better was Black Cherry Vanilla! MMMMM!!!! There are two drinks from Mexico that I love–Manzana Lift and Manzanita Sol–delicious!

    1. Jason,

      I totally forgot about those two! They are awesome… everytime we went to Mexico for missions trips, we always grabbed a bunch of bottles of those…. Good one!

  7. Yeah, those are some pretty great soft dranks! I’d have to agree with all of that. Although its arguable that A&W root beer beats Barqs root beer, I dont think it does either. I also have recently tried Sierra Mist for the first time, being Canadian and all… and I would have to say that sprite beats it. I have to say your list makes pretty good sense to me

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