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Bill Mounce Joins NIV 2011 Team

At his blog, Bill Mounce has announced that he has been asked to join the translation committee for the NIV 2011 and has agreed. He will not be the chair as he was for the ESV, but is obviously happy to be back in the translation business. He says:

But a few weeks ago I received a most amazing email from my friend Mark Strauss (who I have been picking on lately in this blog). What was amazing was that just the night before I was sharing with Robin (my wife) how much I missed translation work. I learned so much on the ESV, things I have never taught in any Greek class at any level. I told her, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in the NIV committee? I would love it if I were asked to be on it.”

Mark’s letter was precisely that. Followed up by a formal letter from Doug Moo, the Chairman, I have been asked to be part of the CBT. And a few days ago I said yes.

He goes on to assure us that this is in no way a reflection on his beliefs on the ESV, but feels that he believes that “there is not a ‘One Size Fits All'” translation.

He also says that the gender language issues that killed the TNIV are “on the table for discussion.”



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