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Fun Is Different For Guys And Girls

Last night I mentioned to my wife, Brooke, that maybe today we could do an all day movie marathon. We can get free movies checked out from the library, so it makes for an entirely money-free date (I know, I’m cheap. But I also have no money, so it is what it is). I’m not so sure she liked the idea though.

Guys and Girls

She wants to spend the day going to Hobby Lobby and other places like that. Not too sure what I think about that. I do want to make sure she’s happy though. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get to watch one movie with her tonight.



One Response

  1. go to hobby lobby with her – trust me, it will pay off in the end! heh, heh! 😉 also you can always hang out by the models and stuff while she looks around.

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