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Obama Accepts Nobel Peace Prize

I don’t normally bring up politics on this blog, but I feel this is something that we all will have some opinion on. I remember growing up and hearing about the Nobel Peace Prize and past winners of it (ie. MLK, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela).

Just now President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. I’m not going to go on about whether he deserves it or not. Instead, I’m going to let you do that. What do you think? Should he have been awarded the Nobel Prize? Should he have accepted it after it was granted to him? What does this do to the Prize? To Obama?



5 Responses

  1. If lots of promises and rhetoric with little to show for it are the new criteria for this prestigious award, the field for candidates is now wide open!

  2. Don’t you have to actually do something to get a Nobel Prize? I’ve never won one so I don’t know…

  3. It doesn’t have to be awarded for actual substantive accomplishments.

    I support the President, and I like him, but I am unsure of giving him this award for various reasons.

  4. I think people should stop questioning the president’s worth in receiving this prize (and bashing and putting him down while doing so. . . I’m not talking about these comments btw just much of the reaction I’ve seen) and instead look to the Nobel Peace Prize committee and ask what their intentions might be. I saw someone mention them trying to dictate future policy with this award and if it’s possible for them to later take it away then that needs to be taken into consideration. Besides there are many who think the other Nobel prizes, like the peace prize, shouldn’t be taken as serious as the science prize, that they’re often politically motivated. I can see their point. Basically I think this award should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Bryan L

  5. Barak Obama attended a war strategy session later in the day…after accepting the peace prize. hmmm….

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