Cheaper Rates?

I’ve heard on the news recently that you can call service providers (ie. cell phone, internet, etc) and ask for a lower rate than what you currently have. I’ve never done this and was wondering if any of you had. Can you actually do this? If it does, then on what have you managed to get a cheaper rate? How do you do it? Is there anything that I should not do or say when/if I ask for a lower rate?

It would be a huge help for me to get cheaper service here and there. So, if you know anything about it I’d sure like to hear it.



5 thoughts on “Cheaper Rates?

  1. You can do it with credit card companies. Just call up and tell them that you want to shut the card down because the interest is too high and they’ll offer you a lower rate. Of course you have to pay the card off in full to close it out…

  2. I don’t think you have to pay the card in full if you close it out. I thought you could just keep making payments on it but not charge on it any more.

    Bryan L

  3. If you want them to lower the rate you’ll have to be prepared to pay it in full. If you tell them that you want to close it with money left they’re just going to make you pay it off at the higher rate before closing it.

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