BibleWorks 8: First Impressions

I won’t keep you for long. I just want to update you on how I’m reacting to my newly arrived BibleWorks 8. It’s going something like, “Oh, wow! Oh, wow! It can do what? Oh my gosh! I can search in that! And I can lookup that? And I can diagram with that!? There’s a whole freakin’ timeline of the Bible!?!? It has how many versions of the Bible? And in how many languages? Holy cow!”

BibleWorks 8

Seriously, guys and gals, I think I’m going to be very addicted. This is some powerful stuff. After the shock has worn off, I’m going to go through the video study guides that are in the help menu. Hopefully then I’ll have my bearings. Well, time for another hit of this amazing stuff.



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