Worst Job Experience

I’m still doing the job search thing. It’s not fun. It’s not fun at all. In the middle of this I can’t help but think back the jobs I’ve had in the past. I’m 23 years old, so there haven’t been that many, but there was some crazy stuff at most of them.

The worst time I’ve ever had at a job was when I was working at RadioShack. The store was in a poorer part of town, so there wasn’t very many televisions or high-end phone sales. Basically, we just had to sell pre-paid phones, and help people find parts to fix their broken things. Not too tough.

There was this one time though, I was working by myself and this lady comes in wanting to return something. Ok, so I start working on it and ask for a receipt. She looks at me with this “how dare you ask me for such a thing” look. She apparently didn’t believe in receipts and let me know that she didn’t have one. This might not be a problem at some stores, but where we were located we had people that would shoplift from one RadioShack and try to return the item at another, so we always had to ask for a receipt.

She starts cussing at me and telling me that I better give her the money for the item (I don’t even remember what it was now). Well, I don’t especially like it when people start cussing at me, so I politely told her that I could not accept the return without a receipt and pointed her to the door. All the way to the door she just keeps on cussing at me. She finally leaves and I breathe a sigh of relief. That was terrible, but it was over, right? Wrong.

Captain HookAbout an hour later I’m still working there by myself when a man walks in. As I approach I notice he has a hook for a hand. Ok, freaky, kind of pirate-y, but ok. Then he tells me that his wife came in earlier to return something. I stop outside of swinging distance. Then he tells me that she had said that I had cussed her out. I take a slight step farther back and told him that I had not. I explained exactly what had happened, about the need of a receipt (leaving out her cussing tirade toward me). He just looks at me, starts nodding, walks around the store for a minute, then leaves.

Thoroughly freaked out, I’m happy to see that another worker finally gets there a few minutes later and I took my lunch.



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