Random Things On My Desk

I realized something a little bit ago. My desk needs to be cleaned and things need to go other places. I’ve got a Batman action figure, two Medieval Times cups, a disposable camera from my high school graduation, year old chewing gum, a CO2 cartridge for a long lost airsoft gun, and an old high school English textbook all stuffed into nooks on my desk. Why? I have no idea.

What random stuff do you have on your own desk?



5 thoughts on “Random Things On My Desk

      1. But now I see that you were making a joke about them being from the Medieval time period. I may not catch on quick, but I’m not that old.

  1. I don’t think anything still exists from when I was in the 8th grade. 😉

    I’ve got a calendar, a pencil cup – full of pencil cup things, the box that the Screwtape letters came in. Readings from my course. a bulldog clip, a coaster. OH and the TV control.

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