Favorite Academic Journal

Everyone’s got a favorite academic journal. There are so many out there to choose from (JBL, JETS, HTR, CBQ, etc). Which one do you find yourself looking forward to reading from the most? Why is that?



9 thoughts on “Favorite Academic Journal

  1. Interesting question. I don’t have a particular favorite. I’ll say CBQ because they are methodologically akin to what I do. But PRSt has a special place for me as the first journal in which I published. JSOT ranks high, as does JBL.

    1. I need to read more articles in CBQ. I really have ignored them in the past, but more and more I see that they deal with stuff that interests me.

    1. Yeah. I get JETS too. I read other journals either online or at the library at DTS or Criswell.

      Hint: Criswell’s library has less selection, but is a lot more quiet and is almost right across the street from DTS.

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