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What is the Update on Fanning?

If you recall from an earlier post, Buist Fanning’s book, Verbal Aspect in NewVerbal Aspect in New Testament Greek Testament Greek is not due for a paperback edition (possibly ever). This being such a tragedy, Mike set up a poll asking who would like to see Fanning’s title in paperback in hopes of swaying Oxford University Press to come out with one.

He heard back from them yesterday about the matter, and while they have not decided for or against the paperback, they have lowered the price of the hardback drastically. Formerly Fanning’s book was $240. Now the cost is $135 according to OUP. In a comment to his post on this though, Paul says that he sees it’s at $121.50. I would validate this myself, but OUP’s site seems to be down at the moment. I’ll update once I know for sure.

In any case, this is a huge step forward. Anyone who is able should request a review copy and review this great title. Perhaps if there are enough of us, they will release that paperback sometime in the future.

Update: Ok, so the commenter on Mike’s site was correct. It is listed at OUP as $121.50. Nice!



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