Let the Good Times Roll

One more month has passed and I still haven’t cracked the Top 50. That’s perfectly ok with me though. I’m doing just fine. Besides, those that are up there deserve it. When I deserve it, I’ll be up there too. I ranked 100 this month. That’s down four spots (which isn’t bad considering there are 12 new blogs that are ranked ahead of me). I did make it into the carnival though, so go check it out.

This month you can expect even more. I am working on a book review (should be posted later today), and there will be more of those this month as well. There’s going to be more interviews. I’ve got three lined up for the month so far (one of which is already posted below). My latest addition to the blog will take off on Monday in which I will be translating various parts of the New Testament, Apostolic Fathers, and LXX (once I get an LXX), and letting you decide how I did.

I am perfectly happy with where this blog is and where it’s going. I’m looking forward to another month.



One thought on “Let the Good Times Roll

  1. One day, we will be saying we knew you when . . .


    Part of this is just flat out exposure and a wee bit of luck of the clicks (and as Peter has pointed out – search hits). My blog took a huge jump when I started writing about my job hunt. Those are still my top posts and they are months old. Go figure.

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