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To Translate or Not To Translate?

I’m thinking of translating some passages from Greek into English on the blog. I’ll probably be focusing on New Testament passages, but also some Apostolic Fathers and LXX (once I get the LXX) passages. I may even make it a weekly post and have a tab for it. What do you think? Should I do it? Any place you think I should start?



4 Responses

  1. Do as you wish! Translating only helps bolster your language skills, especially when you translate outside of the NT (or OT/HB). Could generate good discussion, especially if you had someone else translate the same passages. Oh, and Happy Anniversary! 🙂

    • Ok. I’m thinking of posting translations on Mondays. That way I have them and my interviews spread out some. I’ll get to work on my first translation after I post my latest book review which should be tomorrow afternoon.

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