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Am I Back from Vacation?


I can’t seem to snap back into the routine I had pre-vacation (thus the slight decline in posts here). Seriously, I left for only four days, yet I am not ready to be back at it. Does anybody else ever get that way?

Part of the problem may be that I can’t find a job anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE). I get discouraged about that a lot. People keep saying it’s the economy and it’ll turn around. It’s been four months since I graduated though, and nothing has happened for me. I’ve only had one interview (and that was an hour and a half away). There’s a McDonald’s nearby that I even tried to apply at. I walked in, asked for an application, and the manager told me that they are full up. It’s a bad day in the neighborhood when a college grad can’t get a job at Mickey D’s.

Then there’s always the nagging question: What if it’s not the economy? What if I’m just not good enough to get a real job (by real job I don’t mean McDonald’s). So, yeah, in a way I wish I was still on vacation, away from this world where nothing seems to be working.



7 Responses

  1. I think most people are that way after a vacation–I know I am. I’ll pray for you concerning a job. I noticed your tweet–a position at IVP? In TX or elsewhere?

    • That would be in Chicago. My opinion on that is: if it happens, it happens. Then I could look into studies at Wheaton. However, best case scenario is that I find a place close to home (Dallas area). We shall see though.

  2. Matt: I figured it was out of town. Studying at Wheaton would be good, if that’s what came, but I am like you–I might want to be a little closer to home. Plus, Dallas is such a grand city!

  3. Matt: I won’t try to cheer you up because I hate when people try to cheer me up, but I will leave you with a little testimony. After I was saved I went over 3 years without work and not for lack of trying (I couldn’t get a job at Walmart; Chick-Fil-A; Shop Rite; etc.). Keep in mind that I was a single father pretty much raising my daughter on my own at the time. To make a long story short, God provided in many different ways and my bills were paid and all of mine and my daughter’s needs were met in that period. I’ll also mention that I’m recently unemployed but confident that God will continue to provide as he always has, and my confidence extends to your situation as well.

  4. I totally understand what you’re going through, bro.

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