Interview with Thomas Schreiner

You’ll have to forgive me for not posting much the past few days. I’ve been busy catching up on work around the apartment and with getting ready for a short trip to Corpus Christi. It was a last minute sort of thing, but I’m going to meet my wife down there (who has been visiting her family there since Saturday). I’m not sure what sort of access I will have to the internet tomorrow, so I present this interview one day early. I hope that doesn’t upset anyone.

This week’s interview is with Dr. Thomas Schreiner of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Of his many works, some that stand out include Romans (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament), New Testament Theology, and The Law and Its Fulfillment.

Thomas Schreiner
First, tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up as a Roman Catholic, was converted at the age of 17 through the person who is now my wife. We have four children: Daniel (27), Patrick (25), John (21), and Anna (17). I have taught at Azusa Pacific, Bethel Seminary, and now Southern Seminary.

What motivated you to enter your field of study? What keeps you going?

I had a great desire to know God’s word, and by God’s grace I still do.

Can you divulge any information on any new publication or project on which you are working?

I am working on a commentary on Galatians, which I just handed in.

If there is one author/theologian that you believe everyone should read, who is it?

George Ladd in New Testament Studies John Calvin in Systematics

What do you think are the biggest problems facing New Testament scholarship today?

I think the biggest problem does not change. We must truly hear and live by what the NT says. There is a constant temptation to become subverted by alien agendas. The ideologies which threaten us change, but they always have the same goal: to undermine the gospel proclaimed in the NT.

What areas do you think New Testament scholars will have to focus on in the next ten years?

Luther said we need to relearn the gospel every day, so that is one of the chief tasks for NT scholars as well.

Where do you believe are the best places for a student to study the New Testament either as an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student?

It depends upon a student’s goal. There are many fine NT scholars with whom one can study in England. In the states I think schools like Southern and Trinity have excellent programs for evangelical students.

Lastly, if there is one piece of advice you could give to someone entering New Testament scholarship, what would it be?

Ask the Lord to give you a heart to delight in him, so that you study for the glory of God rather than the praise of people.

My thanks go out to Dr. Schreiner for answering these questions for me. I appreciate it very much. And to my blog readers, remember to let me know if there is a NT scholar you would like to see here. Well, I get back on Saturday, so I’ll let you know how the trip went then.



5 thoughts on “Interview with Thomas Schreiner

  1. TC: Of the few NT scholars/profs I’ve talked to recently (last couple of years), most of them mention Ladd’s NT theology as a go-to guide. I bought his volume several years ago, but have only read excerpts on particular subjects.

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