Just In & Upcoming Reviews

Today has been a great day! I just received eight more titles from three different publishers. It’s a lot! In fact it is the most I have received at any one time. So, as to take up as little room as I can in this post, here they are:

From Brill Academic Publishers:
A Handbook to the Exegesis of the New Testament edited by Stanley Porter, and
Scribal Habits in Early Greek New Testament Papyri (of the New Testament Tools, Studies and Documents series) by James Royse

From Chalice Press:
Reading the Synoptic Gospels by Wesley Allen,
Worship in the New Testament by Gerald Borchert, and
New Testament Themes by David deSilva

From P & R Publishing:
A New Testament Greek Primer (2nd ed) by S. M. Baugh,
Ephesians (of the Reformed Expository Commentary series) by Bryan Chapell, and
1 Timothy (of the Reformed Expository Commentary series) by Philip Ryken

My thanks go out to Brill, Chalice, and P & R for allowing me the chance to read and review these books. I am looking forward to them all.

I have been terribly busy this month, so please excuse my lack of reviews, but I should have one up this weekend or early next week that you should all enjoy. I still hope to have two out this month, so be on the look out.



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