Incoming Books

I have yet another batch of wonderful books on their way. This set comes from Chalice Press. They were surprisingly speedy in getting back to me and they took an interest in my blog (the email I received was from someone who actually commented in the email about my blog – this is appreciated). So, these are the books that should be here soon:

New Testament Themes by David  deSilva,
Reading the Synoptic Gospels by  O. Wesley Allen Jr., and
Worship in the New Testament by  Gerald L. Borchert

Seems like a good set of interesting reads. What do you think?



5 thoughts on “Incoming Books

  1. I’m curious about Borchert–I’ve only read his commentaries on John. I like to read scholars’ works in commentaries, but also in non-commentary works. It helps get a broader view of their insights.

    BTW–How many reviews will that make for you?

  2. I’ve not read anything by Borchert yet, so this will be a welcome experience for me.

    I’ve written 5 reviews to date, but have another 2 that should be up this month. That’ll leave me with 27 others to do. I’m hoping to get through 3-5 per month normally (depending on the length), so with what I have right now I should get through in about 6 and a half months (give or take).

  3. That’s quite a load, brother! I am only at 15, but have been lagging (church affairs, endless nit-picking that has to be done). I hope to have two or three posted this month, but the next ones after that will take some time as they are quite a bit longer.

    Are you in school this semester?

  4. Publishers know it can take a while to get a review out, so I’m sure they’re ok with it. I’m trying to read one title from each publisher as soon as I can instead of reading all the titles that they send at once. After I review one from each publisher, then I’ll go back through and read more. Of course this isn’t a perfect science, so it’ll depend on what I think I can handle at any given time.

    No, not in school this semester. Lack of a job made me have to choose to wait until next semester. It’s tough finding a job right now, but hopefully I will have one by the end of the month (although I’m going to have to settle for something much less than I had hoped for when I graduated back in May). It gives me time to study and take care of some advanced placement exams though, so it works out.

  5. It’s a tough time these days to find good employment. I pray God will open that door for you.

    If you don’t mind, shoot me an email–I am studying for advanced standing exams, too, and would like to get your thoughts on it.

    jgar at cebridge dot net

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