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It was a little late last night when I finally got the mail which is why I’m posting this today. I got a package from Mohr Siebeck, which was a wonderful thing to see. They are based in Tübingen, Germany, so this is my first international shipment of books. Let me tell you, those Germans definitely know how to send books in the mail. The box was wrapped with plastic cords and the most expensive book was individually wrapped inside. These are probably the best shape I have ever had books arrive in when sent through the mail. Anyway, here are the books:

The Jewish World around the New Testament by Richard Bauckham
Ancient Jewish and Christian Perceptions of Crucifixion by David Chapman
The Purpose of Mark’s Gospel by Adam Winn

I can’t wait to dive into these books. They should each be incredibly interesting. I’m not sure which I will begin with, but I am open to suggestions.



11 thoughts on “Just In

    1. Those two do look very good. The third one’s premise is that the Gospel of Mark was written in reaction to Roman propaganda, so that sounds pretty interesting too.

  1. Good for you! I saw another publisher from whom you received a review book (Gorgias)–how do you find out about these more obscure publishers?

    1. I just check the bibliographies of the books I’m reading and discover a treasure trove in many of them for other books and publishers.

  2. Matt: Congrats! I have a few books from Mohr Siebeck on the way as well, one of them being the same volume from Bauckham (did you know that Bauckham gave Chris Tilling an autographed copy of it months ago?!) BTW, how long did it take for the books to arrive?

    Jason: Dude! Mohr Siebeck publishes some of the best monographs ever! I wouldn’t think of them as obscure. And you need to get into those bibliographies. My library has tripled from reading them, many of the books coming as a result of Hurtado’s bibliography in Lord Jesus Christ. I’m confident your library will do the same!

    1. It took about a month and a half to arrive. It was well worth it though. And I did know about that autographed copy. I’m very jealous.

      I’m also considering the Hurtado book you recommended to Jason. It sounds like a wealth of knowledge.

  3. Nick: I know I know…It’s not that I don’t check the bibs in what do read; I usually glance at an author and title and head to Amazon! However, now that I have become quite the review copy requester, I pay more attention to publishers. And, I’m all about tripling my library!

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