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Dan Wallace on Dividing Line

James White talked to Dan Wallace on his show, Dividing Line, yesterday. Topics ranged from the work Dr. Wallace is doing with the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts and “sweat variants” to Bart Ehrman’s misrepresentations to the “gold mine of information” that is the NET Bible and it’s textual notes. Definitely give this program a listen.

Dan Wallace

Also, consider donating to CSNTM. You can get some cool stuff for doing so. The work they do is so important. If you have the desire, give some time to their work. I’m sure they would be very thankful. I have wanted to do the same for a while, but have not found the time to do so yet. I hope that will soon change.



9 Responses

  1. Have you studied under Wallace? I hope to at some point in my time there.

    • Not yet. I’m postponing my start there until the Spring. I hope to take as many classes as I can from him though as I would like to focus on text criticism and papyrology.

  2. Good for you. I have likewise postponed until spring, so maybe I’ll run into you (hopefully not while holding scalding hot coffee!) 🙂 I did an independent study with Dr. Bill Warren at NOBTS. He’s over the tc work done there. It was an interesting study, but not something I would want to take on full-time. I think Wallace is establishing himself as quite the tc scholar–as if he weren’t notable already!

  3. I so value Wallace’s expertise in textual criticism.

  4. Yes, I actually need to read a little more of Metzger. I’m also about to get Holmes’ Apostolic Fathers. I hear it’s good.

  5. Two of my favorite scholars got their start in textual criticism: Hurtado and Fee.

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