Somebody Is Taking My Books!

You may remember from last month that I had an incoming shipment of three books from Abingdon Press. Well, I got an email from them at the time saying that if I had not received these books within two weeks to let them know and they would check on it. Knowing the way the mail can be sometimes, I gave it three weeks.

Three weeks came up the other day and still no books, so I emailed the nice people over there back to let them know. They checked on it and found that they had been delivered and signed for on July 17th by ‘KLUIS’ (whoever that is)! Now, I know I didn’t sign for them. Nobody living in this apartment has a name remotely close to that (my name is Matt; my wife’s name is Brooke).

So, where’d my books go? A few months ago I ordered the NET/NA27 diglot. Love the thing, but the package with it inside was left on my doorstep. When I got home and saw it, I was immediately overjoyed. That is, I was overjoyed until I saw that someone had ripped through the tape (I guess to see if something inside was to their liking). Fortunately everything that time was left in place.

Perhaps these events are connected. I don’t know. Did Fed-Ex take the Abingdon package to the wrong address? Did the Fed-Ex guy take it? Was it my neighbors? Was it delivered to the apartment’s office never to be heard from again? Who is ‘KLUIS’? Are there other packages of books (or otherwise) that I have missed out on? I am not too particularly happy over this. Book theft should not be tolerated!



7 thoughts on “Somebody Is Taking My Books!

    1. I hope so. Just in case it’s not somebody stealing my books and more the apartment office not informing me of packages, I left a message with them to check for it. Hopefully that is all it is. If it is that though, it kind of sucks not to be notified about my packages, but we’ll see.

  1. If the perp(s) is/are apprehended, here should be the punishment: they are to be bound in a chair, gagged, and you will read a minimum of two chapters aloud from each book stolen. All the while, you read in your best British accent!

  2. Matt, if you catch them, I’ll take them down in a coal mine and turn the lights off or other various acts of heinousness. You just let me know. I can do tortuous wonders with my wife’s cooking.

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