Just In

Here’s a surprise. I got a second book from Augsburg Fortress today! I thought for sure that I’d only get the one from Monday, but the UPS guy brought me another. This one is The Religious Context of Early Christianity by Hans-Josef Klauck.


Now for the bad news. My review of Encountering the Manuscripts may have to be pushed back on the calendar even longer. I know, I know. I’ve been promising you that it’s coming and you all have been very patient. I’m sorry. I’ve been in the middle of job hunt mode, and right now I have a very strong lead. Today has been taken up with finding old references that I’ll need for it and tomorrow may be taken up with driving my wife to work, than driving an hour there, meeting for an interview, and driving back.

We’ll see though, maybe I’ll get some time at the end of the week to post my review of the book. I’m going to try anyway.



3 thoughts on “Just In

    1. For some reason your comment got sent to my spam folder. Anyway, I approved your comments.

      This new book was sent using Lightning Source as well.

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