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Incoming Books

Here’s a couple more books to add to those needing reviews:

Introducing Paul by Michael F. Bird
Fabricating Jesus by Craig A. Evans

These books are being sent to me by way of InterVarsity Press. I’m very happy to receive these books and to get the opportunity to review them. Thanks IVP!

I’m thinking that I’ll read Bird’s book first from these two. Introducing Paul is an introduction to all things Paul, and is written by an Aussie living in Scotland (which of course has nothing to do with anything, but is a fun fact). His blog is updated frequently with interesting, usually fairly short (thank God) entries that you should check out.



13 Responses

  1. Fabricating Jesus was one of the first books I ever reviewed. I loved it. I’m curious to see what you think of Bird’s book. Everyone seems to really like it.

  2. Hey Matt, I’ve enjoyed checking out your blog. Welcome to the blogosphere! Keep those posts coming.

  3. You’ve been added to the Student Biblioblog list.

  4. when you get a chance could you email me the address to your contact at IVP, i have one or two old testament titles I’m interested in. robkashow at gmail dot com

  5. Your stack of books grows by the week my friend!

  6. Our bedroom has been doubling as my office for almost a year now and the books have slowly eaten the free space! I got probably 20 boxes of books from my father-in-law, so my office is overflowing!

  7. Matt,

    Looking forward to your review of Bird’s book. I hope you have a lot of time on your hands. You sure have plenty of review books! Good work.

    Looking forward to more posts!


    • I’m trying not to fall behind on my reading. It’s a little overwhelming sometimes, but I’m having fun with it, that’s for sure.

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