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Just In & Upcoming Review

My copy of Reinventing Jesus arrived in the mail today. That PaperBack Swap site is paying off (not that I ever paid for anything). I’m looking forward to reading this book and will add it somewhere into the queue. I’ve got a few others that I want to read first though. Up to bat now is Philip Comfort’s Encountering the Manuscripts. Hope to have it’s review up around the end of this week or the beginning of next.



9 Responses

  1. I’m anxious to read your thoughts on Reinventing Jesus. I bought Comfort’s book several years ago and enjoyed what I read of it. I was studying NTTC at the time so it was helpful.

    BTW–I checked out the site you mentioned recently (PaperBack Swap). I assume you just pay to ship the books you list (should someone want one)?

    • I’m only a couple chapter’s into Comfort’s book. So far, I’ve learned a ton, (but I will wait for the review to share more on that).

      Yeah, it’s surprisingly simple. You list the books you want to get rid of and if someone wants one it’ll let you know. It’ll even print out the address and let you know how many stamps to include on it. So far, it’s great!

      • I’ll have to look into PaperBack Swap a bit more. I browsed some NT titles the other day, but didn’t see anything of interest. I’ll have to dig deeper!

  2. I just got a book from the paperbackswap today too, Religion in America by Winthrop Hudson. Looks like a good pool book because it is more than a bit ragged. Most of the ones I get are in very good shape.

    • Pool books are always nice. Don’t have to worry about dropping them.

      I was very happy to see that Reinventing Jesus arrived in near pristine condition. One corner is a little out of whack, but not badly. I imagine it happened in the mail.

  3. I just got one today from PaperBack Swap too! Early Christianity and Its Sacred Literature by Lee Martin McDonald and Stanley Porter. It’s a rather large tome, in decent shape (no DJ), so I’m beginning to like this site already. Thanks for posting about it.

    • That’s great Brandon. I’m looking forward to receiving the fifth volume in the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament line from PaperBack Swap. It’s about 1000 pages, so it’s fairly large too.

  4. @ Jason – Their biblical selection is not great. I wanted a Gordon Fee title recently and no one had it. Then there was another one on the Trinity and it wasn’t there either, but I still get enough books from there and it’s a great way to recycle some of my books.

  5. Bitsy: I have found a handful of books that would be of interest, but it does seem to be mostly popular Christian titles.

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