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I’m Back & Just In

Ok, so I just got back home to Mansfield, TX from Brownsville. It was a whirlwind of a week, but it was very worth it. I went with a group from Criswell College to minister to a church down there. We built bunk beds for a facility down there and helped out with a VBS at night. Anyway, it was also a long week and I didn’t get as far in my reading as I would’ve liked, but I plan on posting a review of The Missing Gospels this next week.

I also came home to find a whole lot of books that need some attention. While I was gone, I received books care of Broadman & Holman, Westminster John Knox, and Zondervan. Here are the titles:

Broadman & Holman:
Perspectives on the Ending of Mark, edited by David Alan Black
Encountering the Manuscripts, by Philip Comfort
The New Testament: Its Background and Message, by Thomas D. Lea and David Alan Black

Westminster John Knox:
Jesus, the Final Days, by Craig A. Evans and N. T. Wright
Q, the Earliest Gospel, by John S. Kloppenborg

Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, edited by Kenneth Berding and Jonathan Lunde
The New Testament in Antiquity, by Gary M. Burge, Lynn H. Cohick, and Gene L. Green

I’m looking forward to getting to all of these books. I haven’t decided which one to start on after The Missing Gospels, but any of these should be exciting.



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